Why is it worth investing in Gniezno Poviat?

The Gniezno Poviat provides:

  • an advantageous location and easy accessibility,
  • qualified and resourceful employees,
  • relatively low labour costs,
  • attractive investment areas,
  • excellent support for entrepreneurship,
  • support for investors,


  • excellent places of recreation,
  • unique tourist attractions,
  • diversified cultural offer.

It is really worth allocating your capital here and being part of the region’s development.
The Gniezno Poviat is a solid and recognised partner.

More information:

Investor Assistance Centre
ul. Rynek 10/1
62-200 Gniezno
T: +48 61 426 45 34
F: +48 61 426 45 34

Investment offers of Poviat Gniezno

 Investor Assistance Centre

The main tasks of the Investor Assistance Centre are the creation and handling of a database of the investment areas in the Gniezno Poviat and the provision of complex services for domestic and foreign investors intending to start and develop their business activity in the area of the poviat

  The Eagle of the Gniezno Poviat

The most important objectives of the economic contest: “The Eagle of the Gniezno Poviat for the Spirit of Entrepreneurship" are the promotion of the best business entities, the popularisation of positive practices and the building of the prestige and credibility of the local economy

 Business environment institutions

Business environment institutions

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