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An increase in the inflow of Direct Foreign Investments (DFI) by encouraging international corporations to make investments in Poland is the main aim of Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency J.S.C. (Polska Agencja Informacji i Inwestycji Zagranicznych S.A.). PIaFIA, in order to improve the quality of services provided by the regions for investors and to ensure access to the latest information such as investment offers or microeconomic data, has created a network of Regional Investor Assistance Centres – IAC. In the area of the Wielkopolska province, the Regional Investor Assistance Centre operates in the structures of the Association of Wielkopolska Municipalities and Poviats. The main aim of its activities is to ensure the complex service of investors at province.

Additionally, the Investor and Exporter Assistance Centre (IEAC) has been set up in the Wielkopolska region, within the framework of the Department of Economy of the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Province (MOWP). It operates with the aim of supporting Polish companies in the planning, organisation and implementation of export and/or investments outside Poland. The objective of the activities of the IEAC includes actions geared towards an increase in the level of foreign investments in Poland by facilitating access to information on the conditions for starting a business activity in Poland and instruments of support for entrepreneurship, including investment incentives, to potential foreign investors.

In order to implement an enterprise effectively, not only is the cooperation of the IAC with organisations of national or regional character important but also with those of local character such as: local government, real estate agencies or media providers, as only then will the potential investors be supplied with complex information and the services can be provided at a high level.     

Investment offers of Poviat Gniezno

 Investor Assistance Centre

The main tasks of the Investor Assistance Centre are the creation and handling of a database of the investment areas in the Gniezno Poviat and the provision of complex services for domestic and foreign investors intending to start and develop their business activity in the area of the poviat

  The Eagle of the Gniezno Poviat

The most important objectives of the economic contest: “The Eagle of the Gniezno Poviat for the Spirit of Entrepreneurship" are the promotion of the best business entities, the popularisation of positive practices and the building of the prestige and credibility of the local economy

 Business environment institutions

Business environment institutions

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